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The WR.UP® technology is designed to help every woman enhance her curves and feel more feminine and attractive.

Countless styles: from lighter or darker jeggings to wide-fit bootcut pants, from skinny pants in spandex or jersey cotton blends to workout clothes.

A combination of Italian design, strategic stitching, stretchy fabrics, and ultra-light silicone to shape, smooth and accentuate your booty – makes Freddy WR.UP the most comfortable pants to wear!

Silicone Waistband
Designed to keep your pants up and in place. It will hug the waistline comfortably and won’t dig in.

Bi-Elastic Fabric
Traditional denim only stretches in one direction. Our pants, including our denim, are made from a unique cotton jersey that stretches in both directions making them extremely comfortable and flattering.

Ultralight Silicone
A thin coating of silicone is applied under the bottom to boost your booty whether you need it or just want it.

Panels & Stitching
Strategically placed to accentuate your existing figure by hugging you in all the right places.


Enhance your curves and feel more feminine with a pair of Freddy jeans.

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